Presentation of the antispam SaaS software ALTOSPAM

Spamming becomes a real problem which generates a reduction of employees’ productivity and a degradation of the bandwidth, representing a cost for companies. Figures speak for themselves: about 50 % of today’s e-mails are spams!

To fight this global plague (the majority of spams are issued from countries outside of Europe), the French company OKTEY offers an ingenious solution which reconciles performance and simplicity. With the on-line externalized service ALTOSPAM you do not have to care about difficulties due to spams. This solution avoids heavy and expensive investments as the fight against spams is delegated to professionals that guarantee the quality and the availability of the service.

ALTOSPAM is a sensible combination of the most recent techniques in spams detection: RBL, heuristics, Bayesian method, database of spams, URL addresses, recording of DNS, automatic Whitelists, as well as the latest processes called Greylisting and Teergrubing.

The undesired e-mails are refused even before they arrive on your e-mail server and thus do not block either your network or the mailboxes of your employees, therefore providing a quantifiable improvement of the network performances. Security is another advantage as the solution effectively fights attacks of denial of service, relaying and viruses.

The quality commitment of the company OKTEY guarantees a low rate of false positive (proper messages considered as spams), which can be harmful to your company.

Based on a standard protocol, ALTOSPAM is compatible with your e-mail server. This ASP software is intended for the very small structures as well as the international groups, based on a moderate price.

antispam and antivirus

ALTOSPAM requires no modification of architecture, no parameter setting and no downloading or installation of software on the users device. The ALTOSPAM service is integrated directly in your existing computer environment. A simple modification of DNS entry is necessary so that e-mails are sent to the ALTOSPAM servers and then routed after analysis towards your mail server.

ALTOSPAM is built on a redundant architecture which confers a very high availability thus ensuring a permanent accessibility of your e-mails. Furthermore, if your mail server is unavailable during a lapse of time, your e-mails will be temporarily stored on our ALTOSPAM servers until your service is restored.

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